Seamless Wireless Internet

Expandable. Supervised. Secured.

Walk anywhere and everywhere, office or campus, without ever losing WiFi signal. Downtown IT offers a revolutionary wireless technology to the College Station and Bryan community that allows you to do just that. Whether you are using a wireless VoIP phone, laptop, cell phone, tablet — any and all of these can stay connected to high-speed WiFi wherever you go.

Seamless Wireless Internet

With mobile computer devices now outnumbering desktop machines, having wireless internet access for your business is as crucial as having a website. Customers and guests who visit will appreciate the faster internet connectivity, and employees will be able to take laptops and mobile devices anywhere without losing connection to your network. You can enjoy up to 4 different access accounts to restrict or personalize guest, member, employee, administrative, or other network access privileges, all without duplicating equipment!

Downtown IT can not only install high-speed, reliable wireless internet anywhere you need it, but we can ensure that your network security will not be compromised. We can create both public and private access all through the very same wireless signals, allowing all users to securely access the internet everywhere those signals are available.

What's more is that we can adjust your wireless network speeds to regulate how much bandwidth various users are allowed to consume. Conserving the bandwidth used by public access and maximizing the private network speeds will provide your customers the convenience they appreciate without costing your business the resources it needs.

Seamless WiFi Signal Comparison

A typical router purchased at an electronics store can broadcast around 200 ft. of wifi coverage. That signal reduces drastically when passed through structure, and speed dwindles with each new guest connection. This makes store-bought routers fine for a dorm room, but very disappointing in a business.

Each Seamless WiFi radio broadcasts 1,200 ft. of wall-penetrating high-speed wireless internet signal that can handle hundreds of users. If 1,200 ft. of coverage isn't enough, more radios can easily be synced to completely cover your location with 4 separate and secured networks, all through 1 seamless signal.

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