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We can provide any IT-related service you need. Here a list of some of our most common services.

Cloud Services

Everyone seems to have their own definition of what the Cloud is, but in general it is a centralized data storage solution with customizable accessibility. It allows who you want to access what they want, when they want it. Both internal and external members of your business will be able to access anything they’re allowed to from wherever they’re allowed to. It’s a great way to maximize efficiency without compromising security. It can also save you money and boost productivity.

Cloud infrastructures are ideal for the mobile age. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices are making complete mobile accessibility a priority, since cellular and wireless internet speeds have made mobile computing more possible and effective. Don’t limit the potential of your business to the walls of your office. See how a cloud from Downtown IT can allow your business to soar.

  1. Public Cloud – An established corporate cloud service offers private data storage to the public through secure connections in a strictly monitored facility. Public cloud solutions make it quick and easy to migrate your business to a cloud platform. When do you need a public cloud?
    1. You need new software or hardware and replacing it is too expensive.
    2. You want the convenience of a centralized data with remote accessibility.
    3. The capital investment for a private cloud is not cost-effective.
  2. Private Cloud – Your own personal, private, local cloud; we will build you a custom cloud solution for your business. Our experts will show you all available options and then create a cloud with the specifications you request. When do you need a private cloud?
    1. You want complete control of where and how your data is stored and accessed.
    2. You want customized security parameters, including added security protocols for encryption and logging on.
    3. You need data, email or software applications available remotely.
    4. You have multiple offices and want more efficient, centralized IT.
  3. Hybrid Cloud – You can have your existing hardware adapted into dependable data storage and office virtualization machines. The hybrid cloud is intended for added backup and data archiving solutions without the cost of new hardware.

Downtown IT can implement any cloud computing solution, bringing you enterprise level services to your business. These cloud services provide your business with redundant, secure servers, desktops that are fully protected with backups, and a stable, high-performance platform with near 100% availability on which to run your business. Downtown IT cloud server solutions are affordable, scalable, secure and fully-supported.

Credit Card Services

Credit Card Services are fully loaded with benefits and useful features to keep your merchant services simple and easy to use and track.

Data Backup

Backing up your company’s information is imperative, as a loss of data could end up costing you everything. We offer a wide array of backup solutions to fit your business. They can be as simple or as sophisticated as you prefer, but they are always secure!

Data Recovery

Every business is at risk of losing vital data; whether by fire, natural disaster, deletion via a grievous act, or malfunction. With our raided local drive, recovering data is simple and secure. Many businesses require sensitive data to be stored in a safe environment with the ability to be accessed quickly. We can do that and more.

Email Services

We provide a wide selection of customized email services. We will evaluate your business email needs and install an email system for your business. These services include spam control, group calendar, contact sharing, file sharing, and mobile set up.

Microsoft Exchange — Office 365

Microsoft’s Office tools have become a ubiquitous staple in the modern business. Keeping all of your employees connected through this universal software platform can be as easy as letting Downtown IT set up an Exchange network for your office.

Internet Connections

Need an internet connection installed? Or want to make the ones you have faster, stronger, more reliable, or even wireless? We can do whatever you would like, and we’re happy to recommend the solution that’s best for you.

PC Management

With our asset management program, you can track the costs incurred to upkeep, repair, and purchase hardware; along with theft prevention measures.

PC Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is about restoration and prevention. We remove unnecessary files and programs from your computers to optimize their performance, then we monitor your disk space usage, anti-virus scans, and software updates proactively. Our ongoing management protocol prevents disturbance to your workforce by blocking malicious computer activity, keeping your operations up and running.

Merchant Services

We do more than just computers, printers and phones. We offer full Merchant Services support, including installation and calibration of Point of Sale systems with credit, debit and check payment processors.

Mobile Computing

Give your employees access to your network programs and files when they are outside the office while keeping your network safe.

  1. Set up and secure remote access parameters for your out-of-office employees.
  2. Set up employee access through PDA’s, smart phones, and tablets. Keep your network secure and allow access to your on the go workforce.
  3. Instructions on how to secure private company information on smart phones and other mobile devices.

Network Installation

Networking an entire office of computers, printers and phones is a daunting task. Let Downtown IT’s experts do it right. We will set you up with a safe, secure and reliable network, and even show you how to control it yourself.

PC / Workstation Support

With technology rapidly changing, it takes an experienced team to perform invaluable upkeep on your current workstations. Keeping software and security up to date prolongs the life of your hardware and keeps your business running smoothly. When the time comes to upgrade your office hardware Downtown IT can consult, acquire, and implement your new hardware. We manage your on-site servers and carry out all regular maintenance and updating procedures on your server equipment. Desktop management is crucial to business operation; it saves both time and money. When a desktop is down or not functioning properly, the productivity of your employees decreases. Regular maintenance on your PCs and servers will also increase the life and total performance of your hardware. Technology changes fast and when it comes time to upgrade your hardware Downtown IT will implement all your new equipment. We offer consulting for what your business needs, purchasing new hardware and setting up each unit in your offices. We will seamlessly integrate new equipment to keep your organization working.

Desktop Remote Access

With today’s world, being on the go is a must. We can custom configure your ‘out of office’ employee’s access to your network. Security is paramount when it comes to giving your employees access off-site. We custom build your remote network access to keep vital information and programs safe but accessible.

With a mobile office, it is difficult to manage the location of all your equipment. With our lo-jack tools you will be able to locate, disable, and view all of your laptops and mobile devices. This system can be used to locate and monitor the location of key service personnel.

Voice Over IP

Voice over IP telephone system features include Auto Attendant, Find me, Follow Me, Presence, Conferencing, and Convergence.

  1. Auto Attendant can give you a central number for your customers and route those calls to the desired location and lets you play prerecorded messages while customers are on hold.
  2. Find Me, Follow Me allows workers to receive calls no matter where they are, be it at another workstation or away from the office.
  3. Presence automatically finds employees depending on where they are based on their log in or remote check in, which is an extension of the Find Me, Follow Me technology.
  4. Conference calling gives you the technology to communicate effectively without all the volume problems from the past.
  5. Convergence gives same communications systems the ability to handle phone calls, voice mail, email, instant messages, video conferences, faxes, and other types of communications, while different applications are aware of one another.

Virtual Private Networks — VPN

Want to be able to access your private data securely from anywhere? We can set you up with a VPN to make safe connections across the public internet possible.

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