The best Voice Over IP phone solution out there.

VoIP Done Right phone service is an enterprise level, fully managed Voice Over IP phone solution that is by far more suitable for a business than standard telephone service. It’s not just a new phone system, it’s a core network upgrade. We install enterprise quality networking hardware, then configure the system to deliver the power and features that you want, where you want, and we even manage and maintain it for you.

Our average customer saves 30% off their phone bill, which often pays for the entire system in less than 1 year. After that, you’re putting money back in your pocket that would otherwise have gone to the phone company. So not only do we offer better, more feature-rich phone service, but it actually costs less than standard telephone service.

There are also no hidden fees. Every feature that our system is capable of providing you is included in the price. Unlimited long distance, international calling that cost pennies on the dollar, custom call-routing; these are all included in one flat price. Regular service maintenance is even included.

  • Contacts List
  • Call Blocking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding
  • Online Call Logs
  • Online Voicemails
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Recording Backups
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Auto-recorded Calls
  • Encrypted Data
  • 911 Call Support
  • Full Fax Support
  • SMS Notifications
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Emailed Voicemails
  • Free Long Distance
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voicemail SMS notifications
  • Network Failover Forwarding

All of these features and more are available through your high-speed internet connection. This means you can finally ditch the phone company and instead use high-speed internet to cut cost and enhance functionality.

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Why fix what isn’t broke?

Eventually, your old phones will be ‘broke’. Traditional phone lines are being phased out as more companies harness the power of the internet to integrate their resources and expand their opportunities. The internet is simply a more powerful, more advanced, and more promising form of communication. VoIP Done Right brings that power to your business like no other VoIP service provider can.

Just like other outdated technologies, traditional phones will soon be out of production and no longer supported. Our internet phones, however, will work now and for years into the future, wherever you have an internet connection!

What if I have VoIP from someone else?

Chances are you were sold pre-configured phones with basic features, but they won’t work with another provider, and/or no hardware was installed to prevent dropped calls or poor call-quality. Downtown IT does everything other providers don’t. We completely upgrade your network with equipment that always delivers your phones the resources they need. We also install and manage everything for you. You can even keep the phones you have if you wish, or pick them out yourself based on the features you want, such as wireless internet capability, digital contact lists, touchscreen technology, a camera for video calling, etc. VoIP Done Right is completely customizable.

Internet-based phone systems have come a long way since their beginning. VoIP Done Right goes the extra mile to not only deliver the full functionality VoIP is capable of, but also ensure it is both reliable and secured.

What makes you different?

Simply put: our superior equipment and service. We don’t use the hardware you can find at any electronics store. Our system is truly enterprise-level, which means your phone system will always get the power and performance it needs. Say goodbye to phone static and dropped calls. Competitors offer cheap phones with limited features that only work with one provider. Their system does nothing to improve network speed, so inevitably any device connected to your internet will experience drag during heavy usage. There is simply no other phone system available that compares to the functionality, affordability and reliability of VoIP Done Right.

How is it possible to get more for less?

Our internet phones use the internet instead of a phone line, so you completely cut the cost of having a phone line! Each phone is simply a small computer connected to your business’s network. We will install all the equipment necessary and if you ever decide to switch providers, the phones are yours to keep and will work with any other business level internet-based phone provider. This really is a better phone system and it saves you money by using your already existing high-speed internet connection.

How does international calling work?

Different countries charge different fees for being able to connect to their phone lines. Since our phones use the internet to connect calls, we basically “skip” most of the phone line needed to connect the call. Once your call reaches that country, it is converted to a phone signal and connected to its destination. There is a fee for connecting to the telephone user, but the rates are drastically lower than the calling costs of a phone line; literally pennies on the dollar.

So I get to keep the phones?

Yes. The phones are yours to keep. We only keep our proprietary networking hardware used to convert and route calls on your network. Other high-quality internet-based phone service providers will have equipment available to power your phones should you ever re-locate and switch providers.