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AVG Anti-Virus Software

AVG’s anti-virus security software products have been widely accepted as some of the best protection available for over 20 years. Their anti-virus programs are easy to use, keeping you safe without the stress.


Alfresco allows you to access your documents from wherever you are. From home, the airport, on your phone or your tablet, Alfresco brings the content you need to wherever you need it.

Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro detects and removes malware that other virus programs often miss. Able to detect the behavior of malware, Hitman Pro finds suspicious files, submits them to the Scan Cloud to determine if they are safe or malicious, then quarantines invasive files so they can be safely removed.


VMware is an industry leader in both cloud and virtualization software and services. We regularly utilize their high performance hypervisors for virtual machines when our customers need big performance from a smaller package.


Zimbra brings your calendar, email, and all the necessities of your office right to you, no matter where you are. Increase your productivity and efficiency by incorporating Zimbra’s unified communications technology into your work environment.


In the age of digital, your data can make or break your business. MozyPro securely backs up all your data, protecting you from potential disaster.

Silentium Designs

If you want your customers to take you seriously, you need to take your website seriously. Silentium Designs specializes in small business websites with full-size features. Impress your clientele with a fresh new design from Silentium Designs.


GKG began in 1993, providing modern technology solutions for growing businesses seeking a competitive edge in the digital market. Two decades later, GKG is still providing those high quality solutions; specializing in web hosting, domain registration, and website security services.